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We'd like to share some feedback from some of those who have contacted Inner Strength Solutions....


"I would like to highly recommend the "Playing It Safe" parent night presented by Mary Beth Toussaint. This evening event was well attended by Prairie parents and students. The information was presented in a child-friendly manner with step-by-step instructions that were easy to follow.

The session began with a brief overview of personal safety and why it's important. The students warmed up with basic exercises and learned to follow simple commands. Mary Beth and her assistants then introduced students to the basic techniques to help them in situations where their safety may be compromised. The directions were first modeled, and then followed through with the help of parents. The session concluded with the students working on basic techniques with the assistants while Mary Beth spoke frankly with the parents regarding the importance of personal safety and why we need to empower our children.

Overall, the parent night was very enlightening and empowering. When the parents were asked what they liked about the event, they responded with 'imformative', 'well-organized', 'my child learned something new', 'great safety techniques' and 'the instructors were very informative'. I was very happy with Mary Beth's professionalism, her passion, and her knowledge. I will definitely have Mary Beth back at Prairie School. It was an informative evening for adults and children. Everyone who attended was glad they took the time to come.

If you would like further information, feel free to contact me."

Debra L. Ciaccio

Principal, Prairie Elementary School, Orland Park, IL


“As an educator, I have often thought that every school, particularly those serving” at risk” students would benefit from a program such as Inner Strength Solutions.  It is my firm belief that if my students had access to such valuable programming their lives would be significantly changed.”

Tina Garcia

Victor J. Andrew High School, Orland Park, IL



“After seeing the benefits and self-confidence that the students received from Inner Strength Solutions Programming, my building Principal immediately decided to make these workshops an annual event.”

Mrs. Joy Gallivan, M.ED., MSW, LSW

Social Worker

Sward School, Oak Lawn, IL



“As the Athletic Director and Physical Education and Health teacher at Palos South Middle School, I am very impressed with Instructor Mary Beth Toussaint’s programs and with the impact it has had on our students.  She demonstrates outstanding classroom control and is highly respected by all of her students.  The Inner Strength Solutions Program is an important addition to any curriculum and adds a fresh aspect to any P.E. program.”

Carolyn Schaver

Palos South Middle School, Palos Park, IL