Education In Self-Protection, Safety & Personal Confidence





Women's Self-Defense 


Kids M-Power Workshops in Self-Protection

Grades 1-5

This interactive workshop empowers the school-aged child to identify safety through decision making, character, and responsibility. Participants interact with instructors learning essential skills to fend off potential predatory situations including bullying. Vocalization, body posturing, and self-defense skills of distraction and escape are demonstrated by instructors. In addition, the participants engage in discussion and role play common lures used by predators. Most importantly, students learn "how to say no" and mean it. The workshop encourages non-physical conflict resolution and building confidence through physical education.

Kids M-Power Workshops in Personal Safety

Pre-school and Kindergarten

Offer your pre-schoolers and kindergartners an "in school" field trip in safety, personal space, and listening to their feelings. This interactive workshop allows children to explore what feels comfortable and how we can learn from animals natural ways to protect ourselves. The workshop is positive, fun and gives the young child ownership of their body and emotions.

Hand To Hand...Sister To Sister

Self-Protection for Junior High and High School Girls

Inner Strength Solutions programs for the teenage girl align with Illinois State Standards in Physical Education and Social/Emotional Wellness. These workshops empower young women in personal safety education and self-defense skills including hands on techniques of distraction and escape, posturing and vocalization. Discussion of dating violence and the key element of "listening to our own instinct" are the focus of the workshop. Most importantly, this workshop series encourages the young woman to take ownership of her body and her overall well being.

Programs are customized to meet your group's needs and include:

  • T-USA Certified Professional Instructors
  • Hands on Training
  • Rape Prevention and Awareness
  • Escape Techniques
  • Understanding the Predator
  • Personal Safety Education
  • Ground Escape Technique
  • Dorm/Apartment Safety
  • Date Rape Prevention Education

Family Night Personal Safety and Self-Protection Workshops

Inner Strength Solutions

"Playing It Safe"

This 90 minute workshop empowers the entire family with the skills needed to stay safe. The program is both informative and interactive as mothers, fathers and their children learn essential skills.

Parents work with their child assisted by T-USA professional instructors on all physical techniques. The program is positive and empowering; participants come away with a stronger sense of confidence and peace of mind.

Participants are asked to bring items which can be utilized at home to practice self-defense: large pillow, child's backpack. All other tools are provided by Inner Strength Solutions.

**Gymnasium or multi-purpose room is recommended, floor mats if possible.

Essential skills taught include:

  • How to avoid being targeted by a predator
  • Simple distraction and escape techniques
  • Basic striking and kicking to fend off and attack
  • Verbal de-escalation techniques
  • Ground escape techniques
  • How to continue a dialog with your child on safety skills
  • Suggestions on monthly "family safety night at home"
  • Technique review and diagrams are included

Children age 5 and over may participate.