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Women's Self-Defense 



Physical Education Teachers

Train The Trainer Program

High School Girls' P.E. Unit

Instruction Goal of Train The Trainer

This 3-day intensive professional development seminar prepares the physical educator to deliver the Inner Strength Solution Program, Women's Self-Protection and Personal Safety unit for high school Girl's P.E.

Women's Self-Protection and Personal Safety

41/2 Week Physical Education Unit

Instructional Goals of the Unit...

This unit for Girls' Physical Education offers female students a comprehensive education in personal safety and self-protection which raises awareness of potential assault and develops an understanding of essential life-saving skills and violence prevention.

Students will be taught basic skills of self-defense and receive hands-on training in a multi-dimensional learning experience. Students will explore their own personal safety, assertiveness and potential risk. The unit has the ability to shift the mindset of the student to a more aware and empowered young women who accepts responsibility for her own safety. Additionally, the unit introduces the student to martial art education which can offer life-long health and fitness benefits.

Training Manual

  • Researched based data on the benefits of martial arts training and self-protection education
  • A complete unit curriculum including all goals and objectives
  • Lesson plans for 22 classes (40 minute)
  • Detailed technique review including photos and diagrams of techniques
  • List of supplemental reading and resources

Hands on instruction from T-USA Martial Arts Professional Instructors

Complimentary class with T-USA Master Instructor (5thDegree) in TaeKwonDo and Hapkido

Seminar can be brought on-site to your district and can accomodate up to 5 trainees


Trainees attend the seminar at T-USA Martial Arts School in Palos Heights where facilities offer greater overall martial arts experience, equipment, and trainees may enjoy a demonstration from the T-USA Demo Team in "TaeKwon Dance" as well as complimentary class with a Korean Master Instructor.