Education In Self-Protection, Safety & Personal Confidence





Women's Self-Defense 



Inner Strength Solutions

Corporate Self-Protection Seminars


2-Part Series For Female Employees

The first segment 50-60 minutes in length will provide fundamental personal safety education including:

  • Risk assessment survey and discussion
  • Understanding the mind of the predator
  • Assertiveness and how it changes an attack
  • Basic crime prevention education
  • How to avoid being targeted by a predator
  • Travel safety
  • Date and acquaintance rape prevention
  • Self-protection tools....pepper spray, car keys, etc.

The second segment runs 1 1/2 -2 hours in length and is an interactive workshop offering hands-on demonstration and practice by all participants including:

  • Vocalization and posturing in an attack
  • Basic strikes
  • Releases from grabs and holds
  • Utilizing purses, umbrellas and other common tools for defense
  • Ground escape

Participants are asked to wear athletic clothing and soft gym shoes.